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Joining our Agent Network enables you to earn exceptional Commission Income from revenue generated by your referrals


We Provide Agent Training

As a recognized resource for factoring and alternative commercial finance solutions, we bring our years of experience to assist small business entrepreneurs when seeking capital solutions and winning financial strategies.  We are passionate about always providing value in our services to clients and doing “the right thing” for their benefit.

Each year, a growing portion of our small business clients are referred to us by local professionals such as bank loan officers, accounting professionals, attorneys, and many others.  We value these referrals and your trust in us to treat your customers as our own.  Once a referral is received, we always respond with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

The Referral Agent and Partners Network at IACFB

What is Referral / Sponsored Agent?

Are you an active networker?  Are you active on social media?  Are you looking for that “perfect” home based business to earn additional income?  If so…the our Referral Agent Program may be just right for you. 

Our Referral Agent Program is an independent program offering FREE basic training and support at IACFB’s Magazine.  It is for those new to the industry and much like an internship, IACFB’s agents are provided with an online course at the magazine along with important web support.

As one of our valued Referral Agents, you are our “feet on the ground” in areas we simply cannot be.  RA commission schedules and earnings potential are exceptional by any measure.  And best of all, you can work as an RA from ANYWHERE making this a perfect program for successful bloggers, modern day mobile creatives, and affiliate marketers.

What is the Partnership Program

Request to Speak with IACFB

Which program at IACFB is right for you?   If you want to explore its many opportunities, schedule a conference call with our staff and let’s determine if its the right fit for you and your income goals and objectives as a broker / agent in our industry.

IACFB Referral Agent / Sponsored Agent

Our standard program for referrers at IACFB, you earn lucrative commission income simply for providing us with SQL (Sales Qualified Leads).  For those seeking an exceptional home-business opportunity with NO COST, become an IACFB Referral Agent.

IACFB Factoring 101 Partnership Program

For those seeking a true industry career with unlimited potential, the IACFB Partner Program has no equal.  With complete industry training at IACFB’s exciting Academy Campus, this is the way to enter the industry on a truly professional basis.  Learn More.  Schedule a Conference Call.