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Free Crash Course for those exploring the industry seeking to begin earning their first residual, life-of-account commission income through IACFB.

Independent Sponsored Agent Training Program

Training for Sponsored Agents of industry factors and IACFB members using internal included lead-generating landing page.

IACFB Factoring Agent Program (Professional)

Training for full or part-time industry professionals through IACFB's Factoring 101, 202, Programs at the Campus.

CFC Series Support Training (Campus)

Commercial Finance Consultant training for career-oriented independent individuals with CFB Series website and Factoring 101, 202, 303.

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Skill Level Required
Free with Required Bronze Plan
Includes Sponsor Bronze
IACFB Membership Requirement
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Skill Level Required
Modest Skills
Required Hosting Plan
Enterprise Platinum Hosting
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Affiliate Skills Required
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Enterprise Platinum Hosting
IACFB Membership Requirement
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Get Set Up and Started Started in a New Exciting Career in Business Finance and Factoring

How to Enroll as a Registered Guest

How to Enroll and Find a CFC as a Sponsored Agent

How to Enroll as an IACFB Factoring Broker Trainee

How to Enroll as a CFC Consultant in Campus IACFB Training

Find out more about factoring and a career as a business finance broker.  Click below to take our 12 -part crash course and visit our IACFB broker magazine at Commercial Finance

One of the quickest ways of learning the industry is to enter as an agent working with a successful CFC with the association. To get signed up, locate a CFC currently building their program and seeking new agents.  

Click the “ENROLL” and join the IACFB Group at LinkIn.  Join the group and either…

  • Post a request to be contacted by a CFC currently taking on new recruits or…
  • Look for CFCs advertising for Sponsored Agents

The Factoring Broker Training Program is the must popular program at the Campus and includes Factoring 101 finance product training as well as Factoring 202 Marketing  and “Business in a Box” training,  

To “ENROLL” in the program, simply click the button below to sign up for “Platinum” WordPress Website Hosting ay DataMax ($17.95) which includes unlimited email accounts.  During checkout, choose “Add-On” of the FB-Series website and training

The industry’s training program that sets the bar for business financial consultants and full time professionals.  Campus IACFB on-line training (Factoring 101, 202, and 303 and support provides everything necessary for home-based entrepreneurs required to develop this lucrative and exciting business affordably with virtually anyone succeeding in the commercial finance brokering arena.